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Cosentino Worktops

We are proud to be an elite partner of Cosentino the manufacturers of Silestone and Dekton worktops. Silestone is a natural quartz created for kitchens and bathrooms. It is as beautiful as it is practical, coming in a wide range of colours and textures. Silestone is a non-porous surface and therefore highly resistant to stains from coffee, wine, lemon juice, olive oil, vinegar, makeup and many other everyday products.

Dekton is a proprietary blend of quartz, porcelain, and glass that is extremely durable and low maintenance.

silestone and dekton

Calacatta Gold


Charcoal Soapstone

Silestone Range


Silestone N-Boost – A new innovation that prevents the absortion of liquids, enhances shine and intensifies color.

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Wooden Worktops

We can also make bespoke fitted wooden worktops in a variety of different woods. Whether it is Walnut, Prime Oak or more exotic Zebrano or Wenge the choice is yours.


Full Stave Oak Worktops

For real rustic appeal, each wide stave oak worktop is manufactured from timber that is specifically selected for its prominent grain pattern, natural features and colour variation See more

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This range is constructed from planks of timber that run the length of the worktop; with beautiful and unique accentuation of the natural figuring due to the fuller, 90mm wide staves. See more

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Full Stave Iroko Worktops

With a unique lustre that will illuminate any space, single stave iroko worktops are simply unmissable. The deepening colour, hardwearing surface and naturally hygienic properties will benefit your kitchen for years to come. See more

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Our full stave iroko worktops radiate genuine warmth. This range is constructed from planks of timber that run the length of the worktop; creating an extraordinary impression of unbroken colour and strength due to the fuller, 90mm wide staves. The dark gold timber will mature to a deep chestnut shade over time: a truly vibrant feature and a perfect worksurface for everyday use. See more

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Full Stave Black American Walnut Worktops

Bursting with sumptuous appeal and a rich, almost silky appearance, plank style American walnut worktops are more than a surface: they are an impressive feature. Introduce black walnut to your home and enjoy years of faithful service with an elegant twist. See more

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A full stave American walnut worktop is an imposingly beautiful feature. As the name suggests, this range is constructed from planks of timber that run the length of the worktop, showcasing the deep tones and delicate grain of the wood as no other construction could. See more

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Full Stave Prime Oak Worktops

Refined and elegant, these Prime Oak plank worktops are manufactured from European oak timber specifically selected for its delicate grain and colour consistency See more

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For a real touch of a class, look no further than our full stave Prime Oak worktops. This range is constructed from planks of timber that run the length of the worktop; with the fuller, 90mm wide staves providing beautiful accentuation of oak's golden, even tones. See more

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Full Stave Ash Worktops

Our ash worktops are crafted from only the best raw material, providing the ultimate in strength, resilience and natural beauty. Durable yet delicate in appearance, a wide stave ash worktop is bright, welcoming and ideal for use in a kitchen - as it is sure to stand the test of time in even the busiest of environments. See more

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Ash is - quite simply - one of the finest light timbers. An excellent alternative to oak or maple, our sustainably-sourced European ash looks almost white in parts, with a striking grain that is largely very linear, but features interesting 'curly' formations, too. See more

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Full Stave Wenge Worktops

All plank style wood worktops are innately elegant, thanks to the coveted 'full stave' construction; but wide board Wenge worktops are something special. Full of sophistication and possessing a sleek, darkly exotic appearance, the material is 50% denser than oak: meaning that you can enjoy the stunning beauty of Wenge safe in the knowledge that it will only improve with use. See more

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Take breathtaking opulence to a new level with a full stave Wenge worktop. A luxuriously rich, exotic timber with an exquisite grain pattern, Wenge is never more seamless than in its full stave construction, which incorporates 90mm wide planks of timber than run the length of the worktop. An exceptional choice. See more

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Full stave Zebrano worktops

Solid wood is blessed with timeless elegance - but this doesn't mean that you cannot achieve a truly contemporary look. The bold print of Zebrano coupled with the glamour of a full stave construction creates a worktop that is full of modern flair. As the name suggests, this wide stave Zebrano worktop range is constructed from wide planks of timber that run the length of the work surface, resulting in stunning accentuation of the timber's natural figuring and vibrant colours. See more

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Perfect for all kitchen designs - from daringly contemporary to subtly glamorous - zebrano is a modern, super-stylish material. But don't be fooled by the timber's striking surface: traditional plank zebrano worktops will provide years of diligent service, combining real quality and durability with exotic aesthetic charm. See more

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Full stave Maple worktops

The soft luminance of a solid full stave Maple worktop is sure to brighten any space. As the name suggests, this range is constructed from planks of timber that run the length of the worktop; with beautiful and unique accentuation of the natural figuring. See more

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Maple is a timber blessed with both extreme strength and a lightness of touch; ideal for modern and traditional settings alike. Our spectacular single stave maple worktops are sure to brighten your kitchen whilst providing a resilient, versatile surface that can be enjoyed - with minimal maintenance - for years to come. See more

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DEKTON is a sophisticated blend of the raw materials used to produce the very latest in glass and porcelain as well as the highest quality quartz work surfaces.

Aura 15 quartz worktop Dekton glass surface for kitchens France Cannes
Dekton quartz worktops Cannes, botti kitchens cannes

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Kitchens France Riviera is a bilingual/English Kitchen Company based out of Cannes on the French Riviera. Kitchens France cover the whole of the Côte d’Azur. Specialising in made to measure high quality Kitchens, Kitchen Cabinets and Worktops. Supplier of Lacanche, supplier of Gagganau.